Paper, Your End is Near

doxo introduces free web service that makes it simple for people to be organized and go paperfree with multiple providers all in one place

SEATTLE, Washington – October 20, 2010 – doxo today announced a new web service that enables people to connect and go paperfree with their household providers.  By joining doxo a consumer can receive, manage, and file all their bills and other important documents from multiple service providers, all in one place with one password. The new service is free to consumers and is now available at on an invitation basis.

“With so much of their information scattered all over the house and the Internet, there is a real need for people to organize all their information in one online place. I think doxo is really onto something,” said Donna Smallin, organizing expert and author of several best-selling books, including The One-Minute Organizer.

doxo helps people organize household accounts such as credit cards, utilities, cable, mobile, insurance and investments—even frequent flyer programs—allowing them to manage their bills, statements, privacy policies, explanation of benefits, or any other document they deem important.

When consumers connect and go paperfree with providers that have joined doxo, their bills and other important documents from that provider are delivered electronically, right into their doxo account.  They can also upload their own important documents, as well as documents from providers that aren’t yet on doxo, so everything is together.  All documents are stored securely and privately, taking the worry out of record keeping.

doxo has signed agreements with national and regional service providers, which will be announced in the coming months. Through doxo, businesses are able to dramatically boost paperless adoption by aligning their efforts with other leading providers. As businesses join doxo, their customers on doxo are immediately notified of the option to connect and go paperfree.

“The current approach to paperless is dated and not customer-centric,” said Matt Swain, Senior Consultant at market research and consulting firm InfoTrends. “doxo addresses the challenges consumers have with traditional paperless solutions, coupled with an attractive business model for providers to drive adoption – a winning combination.”

Each year in the US, businesses spend more than $30 billion to mail more than 50 billion bills and other documents to customers.  Despite more than a decade of efforts by businesses, paperless adoption is still only about 15%.

doxo offers a way to achieve mass market paperless adoption. doxo saves businesses more than 80% of the costs of paper mail and is cash-flow positive from the start.  Additionally, doxo drives stronger online engagement–increasing traffic to the provider website and improving customer satisfaction.  Joining and using doxo requires no software installation or professional services. As more providers join doxo, the doxo network increases in value to both consumers and providers.

In addition to being costly for business, paper mail is also costly for the environment. Producing and delivering business mail consumes 9 million trees, burns 500 million gallons of fuel, and generates 10 million tons of greenhouse gasses annually. Going paperfree is one of the easiest ways for customers to reduce environmental waste.

“We started doxo because paper mail is a headache and the traditional paperless options just didn’t work for us,” said doxo CEO and co-founder Steve Shivers. “Generally people want to go paperless, but it just hasn’t been simple or convenient. We built the service we would actually want to use.”

doxo is:

  • One Place, One Password. People can organize all of their bills and other important documents in one place. People own their records forever, without worries about archive times, deletion policies, or losing documents when they switch providers.
  • Organization Made Easy. People receive, file, manage, and act on their household account to-dos, and manage any type of document that their providers send, including bills, statements, policies, explanation of benefits, terms and conditions, and more.
  • Connect and Go Paperfree. When providers join doxo and users connect with them, their bills and other important documents come directly to their doxo account. doxo automatically tracks and notifies users of due dates.
  • Safe and Secure. doxo operates with security protections that meet or exceed the methods used by banks and other financial institutions. Documents are protected from hackers, natural disasters, and mailbox theft.

About doxo

doxo is pioneering the way that people connect and go paperfree with their service providers. doxo provides a free web service that makes it simple for consumers to receive, manage, and file all their bills and other important documents from multiple service providers, all in one place with one password. For businesses, doxo breaks through the barriers to paperless adoption, saving billions of dollars in printing, paper and postage costs, increasing customer engagement, and dramatically reducing environmental waste.  doxo investors include top-tier venture partners Mohr Davidow Ventures and Bezos Expeditions, the venture investment fund of Jeff Bezos. The company is led by experienced executives from Qpass, Amazon, Snapfish, and Microsoft, who have driven consumer adoption of new online services and processed billions of dollars in consumer mobile and Internet transactions. doxo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. More information can be found at
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