How to get started with doxo

Get Organized With doxo

If you are new to doxo, you might not have discovered all the different ways that doxo can help you get organized.  In fact, from time to time we even get customer feedback from power users asking us for features we already support.

We’re now bringing those tools front and center, to help all doxo users discover how to get started with doxo. The next time you log into your doxo account, you may notice a step-by-step checklist on your doxo dashboard outlining the things you can do to start getting organized with your doxo account.  We will keep track of what you’ve already done and check them off, so you can easily find the new ways you can get organized with doxo that you haven’t done yet.

And when they are all complete?  Sure, you get the satisfaction of seeing everything checked off, but more importantly you will be well on your way to an organized digital lifestyle with doxo.