Doxo Network Pages Live for Top Metro Areas

doxo network pages make it easier for users to find and add relevant providers, organize accounts, info, documents and more in their personal doxo Digital File Cabinets

SEATTLE – October 4, 2012doxo, the all-in-one digital file cabinet and e-payment solution, today introduced its network pages at, making it easier for consumers to find the most relevant business providers in their local area, add them to their personal doxo List, and organize their critical account information, notes, documents, and more. The new user-driven, relational doxo network pages show the distribution of doxo users in the 20 top metro markets, as well as the business providers most listed by those users for various types of services.

“Since launch last year, doxo users across the country have already added more than 15,000 different providers to their digital file cabinets,” said Steve Shivers, CEO and co-founder of doxo. “While we’re just getting started, the data on our network has already grown to a point where we’re now able to make it transparent, so other users can more easily find the most relevant providers for their own doxo accounts, and businesses can directly see where their customers are on the network.”

Regional pages contain lists of the top companies for each city, doxo user distribution maps, and show the business providers those doxo users have added most to their doxo lists for various service types. For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, doxo users have added 750 different providers to their doxo Lists. 216 of these are providers that serve the national market, and 534 of these serve the regional California or Bay Area market. The most commonly listed providers for the San Francisco metro are shown for Electric & Gas (most listed by doxo users in Bay area: PG&E), Banks & Credit Unions (Chase Bank), Credit Cards (American Express), Phone (AT&T), Cable (Comcast), Auto Insurance (State Farm), Healthcare (Kaiser Permanente), and more.

The initial list of metros now with live doxo network pages includes:

Users can also search for any provider on the network to find its profile page with critical links and contact information, and a map of the distribution of other users with that provider on their doxo Lists. If a provider profile is not yet in the system, any user can add it by completing a simple profile form. Once added, the profile can be edited and improved by other doxo users to add useful data and links. doxo users can add any business provider to the doxo directory that has a persistent, ongoing relationship with its customers, and is therefore likely to deliver statements, documents, or bills on a recurring basis.

Providers, in turn, can join the doxo network to directly connect with their customers, deliver documents electronically, go mobile, and collect payments through doxoPAY. Providers in healthcare, telecom, utilities, finance, government, and other categories have joined the network, including AT&T, Sprint, Puget Sound Energy, Kansas City Power and Light, and more, with additional businesses participating each month.

“Remarkably, of the thousands of providers added by doxo users to date, more than 50 percent have no account login available on their website, and no direct electronic bill payment option,” continued Shivers. ”While its surprising on one hand that this is still the case, it’s actually rational behavior for most businesses – the ROI the typical business achieves for conventional paperless systems has been very poor, with adoption still well under 15 percent on average. Our goal is to simplify interaction between people and businesses, and massively cut businesses’ expenses to deliver documents and get paid. We’re making it as easy for people to find and connect with their providers as it is to find and connect with a friend on Facebook or a colleague on LinkedIn.”

doxo’s digital file cabinet and mobile app eliminate the key obstacles consumers cite to going paperless and empowers companies of all sizes to simplify customer interaction, deliver documents electronically, speed bill payments, eliminate credit card fees, and dramatically increase paperless adoption without expensive software. Businesses on doxo and doxo Mobile typically save 80 percent or more on the average cost of mailing a document and receiving a payment. Businesses can learn more at

About doxo

doxo is the easiest way for businesses and customers to Connect and interact. doxo provides consumers a digital file cabinet that makes it simple to organize household accounts and store important documents from multiple providers all in one place. For businesses, joining doxo makes it easy to connect and interact with customers, deliver documents paperlessly, and get paid with doxoPAY. Every month thousands of customers and businesses are connecting and going paper-free on doxo, dramatically reducing payment, paper, and postage costs and eliminating environmental waste. provides a mapping and summary of doxo user activity in key markets, as well as the profiles of every provider added to the system by doxo users. doxo investors include leading venture firms Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions, the venture investment fund of Jeff Bezos. doxo has been recognized as a Red Herring Top 100, a Best of the Web by NetBanker, American Business Awards New Product of the Year, an official Webby Award Nominee, and as an AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 Private Company. doxo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. More information can be found at Businesses interested in joining the doxo network can create a doxo Provider account, or start a free doxo trial, at