CNBC Make It Heat Map

CNBC Creates State-By-State Heat Map Based on doxoINSIGHTS Report

Megan Leonhardt, reporter at CNBC Make It, covers doxoINSIGHTS’ “United States of Bill Pay” report: a state-by-state look comparing bill pay expenses across the country. She also includes a heat map illustration based on doxoINSIGHTS numbers, as well as an interactive table of key figures about bill pay in 50 states.

From the article:

When it comes to the fluctuations in household expenses across states, the largest four — mortgage, rent, utilities and auto loans — drive the majority of the differences, says Jim Kreyenhagen, VP of marketing and consumer services at doxo. … Housing, in particular, drives most of the variability. “In general, the more expensive the housing, the more expensive other bills are,” Kreyenhagen says, but adds that there are exceptions. Wyoming, for example, has high housing costs, but other costs are relatively low.”