2014 Insights from Leaders of Emerging Customer Communications

“In 2013 we welcomed our millionth user and saw 6X growth, and that’s accelerating as we enter 2014. We announced many new businesses on doxo this past year and that will expand several times over again in the year ahead. There are a couple key trends driving business growth: First, there’s the business backlash against having their existing online users hijacked by screen-scrapers, and frustration with the security risks it causes. This trend is directly benefiting doxo and will drive even more opportunities for us in 2014. Second, mobile will this year cross over to become the majority of activity, so we’re adding more tools for direct mobile interaction for businesses on our network, more payment capabilities, and creating more real-time insight and analytics into their customer trends and usage patterns. We’re very excited with the pace of growth and expect a terrific year in 2014.”

Roger Parks, VP of Business Development and Co-founder, doxo